Learning to sail with Crawley Mariners Yacht Club

At CMYC we run RYA approved course for Adults and Juniors throughout the year, Please see newsletter for detalis. We also run informal training sessions called 'Saturday Clubs' (no prizes for guessing when we run these!

We have a well established junior training scheme which has evolved considerably since it began. Young people between the ages of 10 and 16 can start with RYA courses Stages 1 and 2, and progress on to Stages 3 and 4, also during that time they can do a two day Start Racing course. These courses enable a smooth transition to the advanced syllabus which includes: Sailing with Spinnakers, Seamanship Skills and Performance Sailing. At this stage improvers and advanced racing courses are also available.

Under the guidance of the RYA we have structured our race training for young sailors and became an RYA Champion Club. This enables us to help and assist any aspiring Olympic medallists to find the right coaching and training available to help them in their quest. We also have visiting RYA Coaches to run evening sessions in the May half term school holiday. Team Racing is something else we have introduced, in both Toppers and Fevas

Club boats available for Training, Racing, Cruising and Saturday Clubs

8 x Optibats - age range 6 to 10
Five of these boats were obtained from Lottery funding and an additional three were then purchased. These boats are very similar to Optimist dinghies but are heavier and very robustly built.

11 x Topper - age range 10 to small adult
Five were obtained originally from Lottery funding and members donated old Toppers to increase our fleet to 10. All the original boats have now all been replaced as we review their condition on an ongoing basis and sell the oldest one as necessary (usually to a club member) and replace it with a new one to keep this, our hardest working fleet, in good shape. These boats are equipped with 'Club' race rigging. This enables ‘budding Olympians’ to learn and race in boats up to the standard required of RYA Champion Clubs. All have standard and 4.2 rigs.

6 x RS Feva - double handers - age range 10 to adult)
Thanks to three of our young sailors living in West Sussex, who applied to the Youth Opportunity Fund, we received funding for four boats and a double trailer. They are very exciting to sail with modern asymmetric spinnaker and a real feel of speed but also very forgiving, these boats enable us to teach RYA Stage 4 which allows the young sailors to attain the skills required to apply for pre-assessment to take part in an RYA Dinghy Instructors course held at one of the RYA coastal centres. This qualification can help young peopled with D of E awards, and help them to find summer jobs at home or abroad whilst at college or university. These boats and the double road trailer have enabled our young sailors to compete at National and County regattas with great success. We took delivery of two new RS Fevas at a special price offered by RS and the RYA bringing the fleet up to six which enables us to use them for Team Racing.
It is also possible to use them as single-handers for adults as well, to get to grips with learning the centre-main method of tacking and gybing. As double handers they can also be used by smaller adults with a child as crew.
4 x Lasers - age range 12 to adult
Another three of our young sailors living in West Sussex successfully put forward a bid to the Youth Opportunity Fund to purchase two brand new Lasers with XD radial rigs and a double road trailer plus an additional 4.7 rig. Our two older Lasers had their rigging upgraded to a similar standard with an additional 4.7 rig. On the Junior front these enable us to provide those youngsters moving up from Toppers with the opportunity to sail an Olympic class boat with a rig suitable for their height and weight.
2 x Topper Magno - double handers - age range 14 to adult
These boats are ideal for teaching asymmetric spinnaker and trapeze techniques. They are robust and easily reefed, making them suitable for experienced sailors to helm and gain confidence with advanced skills.

2 x Laser 2000 - double handers - age range 16 to adult
These were purchased to enable adult members doing the RYA Level 2 to have the option of learning centre-main skills, as the majority of modern boats are designed this way. We also use them for the adult Seamanship and Sailing with Spinnaker courses and, as quite a number of our 15+ sailors join in these courses, they get to use these really great training boats. We also take them to Cobnor and Angmering where our instructors can introduce other members to seamanship and racing skills in these really user friendly boats.

2 x Wanderer - double handers - adult but not exclusively so
These are used primarily at Saturday Clubs and on courses. They are also ideal cruising dinghies.

2 x Miracle - double handers - adult but not exclusively so
Usage is as for the Wanderer

1 x Comet - 12 to adult
This has Standard and Mino sails, the latter providing the flexibility in age/ability in what is otherwise a ‘lively’ racing dinghy. There is also the option of simple reefing for both sails by furling round the mast.

Note. The age range for juniors, across all the boats, is for guidance as size and ability play a significant part.