Round Hayling Island Cruise Saturday 7th July 2018

Meet at Itchenor  (Grid Ref SU 800015) Post code: PO20 7AW. 

Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to be rigged and ready to sail and for a briefing at 10:00.
This is a cruise for the more-experienced sailor and a Miracle-sized dinghy is considered the smallest suitable for this cruise.  It is a full day's sailing so ensure that you have suitable clothing and food and drink with you. 

Round Hayling Island Cruise 2017 - pre-sailing notes

The annual cruise around Hayling Island this year will be going anti-clockwise as high water will be just after 11am.  We will be going anti-clockwise around Hayling Island going up the Emsworth Channel and then following the island shore towards H.I. Bridge.  Here you have 3 ways of getting your boat to the other side of the road:  moor up and lower the mast to get under the bridge; walk your boat through one of the arches, or you may be able to have the use of a trolley borrowed from Langstone Sailing Club!
The next hazard is the remains of the old railway bridge where there is a sill between the old supports of the swing bridge.  We need to sail through this gap within 2 ½ hours after high water.  We then follow the Langstone Channel leading south-westward towards the harbour entrance where we stop for lunch.  You can get food and drink at the Ferryboat Inn or picnic on the beach.  There are Public Loos in the Car Park and an ice-cream kiosk.
After lunch we follow the channel out to sea.  There is a sandbank to the East.  So the options are to use an inshore channel which may be too shallow or sail out as far as the Langstone Fairway buoy before turning due east parallel to the shore and aiming for the Bar Beacon.  This can be a lively ride when there is a westerly wind.
The Bar Beacon marks the main channel into Chichester Harbour where you turn towards the entrance to Chichester Harbour.  This is usually an easy sail with the help of the flood tide.
Now back in Chi Harbour we follow the main channel before turning towards East Head and then back to Itchenor.  High water isn’t until 2318 so we will have a favourable tide on the last leg back to Itchenor.
It will be a long day’s sail, taking about 7 hours to cover the 20 nautical miles (not including the extra distance when beating!)  You must have a boat that is at least as fast as a Comet Versa or Miracle to take part – and it must be sea worthy.

As usual we need to away from Itchenor in good time – PLEASE note the start time of 1000.  Depending on how long you take to rig your boat and do all the other things like drive your car back to the car park and change for the day, you should arrive at Itchenor at least by 0900.
YOU will have to sign on before going afloat (in a similar way to those who go racing) to signify that you wish to be part of the Cruisng Group and that you will abide by ALL instructions given at the briefings and instructions that are passed on by Powerboat Crews.  It also means that if you intend to leave the Group after setting out then YOU must inform one of the Powerboat Crews before doing so. The first briefing will be on the Itchenor Hard at 1000.
Make sure that your boat and its equipment are ready for a full day’s sailing, including a suitable towline, spares, refreshments and clothing for any change in the weather.  Let’s hope it will be good!  Please see CMYC website for details on essentials for safe cruising and harbour costs.
Keith Hiscock

Round Hayling Island Cruise 2017 Report

Brrrr! Summer! – What happened? It’s been so cold, wet and windy! 
A major event that was weather-affected was our annual Round Hayling Island Cruise. At least, I hope it was the weather forecast that so severely reduced the number of Mariners taking part.  In the end three dinghies had the support of our two big ribs leading us anti-clockwise round the island and taking care of us.
We were hit by a F5 – F6 squall shortly after we had all made it under the road bridge and through the remains of the railway bridge, and there was some debate about whether we should continue down Langstone Harbour and along the coast, or go back to Itchenor the way we had come.
We decided to press on as the sky had cleared, the sun had come out and the weather looked reasonably settled. Ho Hum!! Adrian and I capsized just outside Chichester Harbour entrance, when we were hit by a second squall, after a very lively run all along the coastline of Hayling Island. We were extremely well taken care of by Bob and Izac Dodds, who not only righted our boat (and capsized it again) but then sailed it all the way back to Itchenor for us! We followed on in their safety boat.
As soon as we were back inside the harbour the wind dropped, the big waves became little waves and it was a very pleasant end to an exciting day. The other two dinghies made it back safely without an unscheduled swim en route.

Taken from Caroline’s Blog
August 2017

The photos below show Round Hayling Island on a previous cruise in a different light - sunny!

How to book:

A reminder is sent out before each cruise. You phone or email me to book a place the Wednesday before, by 9pm. If you would like extra support; to crew for someone; someone to crew for you, let me know when you book. If you have booked on the cruise and it needs to be cancelled, you will be notified on the Friday before by 9pm.

What you need:

If you are new to Cruising please take time to read Safe Cruising with CMYC
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