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Apr 29, 2019 |
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April Saturday Club

With a weather forecast of 20+mph gusting 40+mph and the potential of no sailing many decided to not come, thank you to all those who responded to my email, it made it easier to manage the day. As you can see from the photo Nick managed to entertain the Oppie sailors who turned up, they did also venture on to the water for some paddling, towing and bin bag sailing.

Thanks to Andy Taylor for collecting the new Topper, he and Alan Carlile have prepared it ready for use. Ollie Williamson had no Topper sailors turn up for his session, so he made good use of his time sorting out our oldest Topper ready to sell, thanks Ollie.

In the morning two Fevas, under supervision of Dan and Angus, and one Quest took to the water. Amy Gibson brought the Quest home without capsizing, possibly one of the Fevas stayed upright.

The conditions gave us the opportunity to cover shore based activities for six budding AIs.

In the afternoon we ran Oppie, Feva, two Topper and Adult sessions. Don’t be fooled into thinking that maybe it wasn’t so difficult, there were some ferocious gusts, and I managed to capsize the reefed Quest twice – sorry Pamela, there were times when at least half the boats on the water were capsized. Anymore boats and it might not have been manageable. Amy took out a group of three Toppers with the smallest blue and yellow sails, keeping close to the clubhouse end where it appeared a bit calmer. There were capsizes, but three young sailors came out smiling and muddy. Geoff Larkin took a small advanced Topper Group, all with 4.2 rigs, even then they ended up doubling up. Mike Thompson ran some shore drills.

Thanks to all those who helped.                                    

Jeff Smith