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Sep 22, 2019 |
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Bob Dodds - Comet national Champion

Congratulations to Bob Dodds from all at CMYC on becoming Comet National Champion.

The 2019 Comet Championships were held at Fishers Green Sailing Club, Lee Valley, between July 26 and 28. Competitors took part in eight races, with six to count.

Bob secured four firsts, a third and, thanks to a last minute course alteration, 'average points' in his final contributing race to win the title. 
Here’s what Bob had to say about the event, including full details of the course alteration: 
"In race 7, due to the course being set minutes before the start of the race, from the committee boat,  there were only moments to work out the marks, some being temporary. 

"I mentioned to Guy, who was sailing behind me at the time, that he should think about the course.  Then he saw me sail off in a different direction. He and all the remaining competitors decided to sail an extended course. 
"I sailed the course the race officer set and informed the race officer what I was doing.
"This meant I managed to complete an extra lap but was finished in eighth place for this race.  To appeal the result I had to put in a protest/arbitration which was agreed in my favour.

"I was awarded average points, which meant I won the event overall.
"I believe that had I pushed it further, in accordance with the Sailing Instructions, I would have achieved first place in race 7 but did not need to because the outcome was the same.  
"The quiz night, run by Mr Tango, was hilarious and the food was brilliant all weekend. Fishers Green is a very friendly and hospitable club."