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Nov 11, 2019 |
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RYA London and South East Zone Squad Hopefuls...

This is an article of how me (Edwin Cross), Samson Cross and Ollie Gatton all got into the 2019-2020 London and South East Zone Squad.

It all began when we were told about the squad and we were all immediately interested so we looked further into it... We found out that we had to go to three events that would act as the selectors. The first, the last of the Traveller Series at Island Barn Sailing Club, the second the Regional Junior Championships at Datchet Sailing club and the final event a training day at Weir Wood Sailing Club.

Island Barn

The first selector on September 21st was at Island Barn and we all arrived early and ready to go. Over 60 boats went so it was a bit of squash on the start line especially because about 20 metres behind the line was the shore to get the biggest racecourse we could. After all our 4 races we went in happy because we had all raced well! Overall it was an awesome day which I am sure we will all remember for a long time.


The second was at a very drained Datchet ( it took 5 minutes to walk from the club house down to the boats!) with a lot of wind. Force 5/6 with 30 to 60 mile an hour winds!

Emily and Lauren Hetherington in their Feva, Luke Townsend, Eva Charmichael and Sebastian Gatton joined Zone Squad hopefuls, the more the merrier. Emily Campbell also came along to support on her crutches!

This time the event was over the weekend rather than just the single day, so we got a total of 6 races in, 4 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. As I said earlier it was very windy, it was on the weekend when there were storm warnings all over the country! It was very exhilarating and exciting and we all went over but enjoyed it all the same. Pretty much everyone say it was exhilarating is an understatement.

Weir Wood

The third selector was at Weir Wood. We were split into groups based on ability and did lots of different was really good fun!

We don’t know what the selectors were looking for but they take a mix of the race results and how we performed at the training day. It’s not just based on how well you do on the day but the potential you have to get better!

A nervous few days later we all found out we had been successful. Three from CMYC applied and we all got in...100% success rate!