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Mar 13, 2021 |
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Jeff S

Programme update

The 2021 programme has been updated.

The programme has been updated (issue 1) as some changes have been necessary due to external factors, including Covid-19 restrictions. There is still uncertainty about formal training. Changes are:

March events cancelled/postponed
Model Yacht evening moved from 23rd June to 16th June
Endeavour Trophy 6 moved from 16th June to 23rd June
Topper Coaching day 24th April cancelled
Topper Open moved from 25th April to 18th April
Improver/Cruise Training moved from 18th April (pm) to 24th April (all-day)
Summer Sundays 5&6 moved from 18th April to 25th April.
Open Day 2nd May cancelled
Open Day 17th July, was reserve