RO Training Sat 24th March

Mar 18, 2016
Posted by: JeffSmith
Category: General

We frequently struggle to fill the Race Officer duties, Being Race Officer is not difficult, it does not need any in depth knowledge of racing, you are very unlikely to be involved in any disputes about the race. Can you help? I was going to say all that is needed is to be able to operate the stop watch, but we'll show you how to do that, We are running two half day training sessions on Saturday 24th March, in conjunction with the Rapid Races day. This is a fun day with lots of short races, so plenty of practice starting races and since it is a fun day there is no pressure.You can do half a day of RO training and half a day sailing if that suits. There are always experienced sailors around who will help and give advice, and we have comprehensive notes to refer to.

Please contact Jeff Smith here if you can help by training as a RO, indicating whether you can attend morning or afternoon sessions.