RYA Junior Courses

We offer the following courses from the RYA Youth Sailing Schemes, further details are provided below the table.

RYA Youth Dinghy Sailing Courses 2019




Stage 1 & 2

4 days

15th, 16th, 29th & 30th June

(run on the same dates as the adult Level 1 & 2 courses) 

Stage 3

2 days

See notes below

Stage 4

2 days

See notes below

Start Racing

2 days



Stage 1 & 2 combined - 4 days 

By the end of the first day of this course young sailors will have a basic understanding of how a boat sails and some experience of steering and handling the boat. During the next three days they will learn a range of sailing skills and background knowledge enabling the participants to become confident small boat sailors. Typically this takes place at Hedgecourt lake and it is therefore a non-tidal course.

Stage 3 - 2 days 

This module will enable participants to sail in any direction and rig and launch unassisted.  They will also learn more advanced skills and capsize techniques for single and double-handed dinghies. The young person can now be regarded as a sailor, not a beginner and be able to sail in stronger winds.

Stage 4 - 2 days

The final course covers the skills required for sailing double-handed dinghies as crew or helm, whilst solving a variety of problems afloat. Passing this course is the natural entry point for the advanced courses of Seamanship Skills and Sailing with Spinnakers.


Stages 3 and 4 are often covered whilst away on Cobnor weekends, therefore qualify for a tidal endorsement and no extra course fees over and above the Cobnor weekend fee are incurred.

Start Racing

The start racing course is aimed at those with Stage 3 or equivalent, those having achieved Stage 2 in the previous year and most subsequent Saturday Clubs are likely to be accepted.
See our Race Coaching page for more information on race  coaching.