Tuesday Club

This friendly group made up  of male and female members, is open to any club member who would like to join. The group  would be happy to welcome any member  whatever your skills, and you might even learn some new ones.  Work starts anytime from 9..00am depending on your circumstances, with a coffee or tea break mid morning and finishing lunch time again to to suit you. Some members also have lunch at the club before departing. Occasionally we have jobs that take longer than one day.  When this happens  we ask for  volunteers to help with the additional work.

This year, the Tuesday Club have been busy  doing all the maintenance jobs within the clubhouse and  the grounds. Currently we are  clearing some reeds and willow that has been spreading into the lake, we need to complete this before the bird nesting season starts.  We are also improving the social area around the barbeque and intend to provide some new picnic tables. We have a nesting table out on the lake for the Terns, known as the Tern Table that we are renovating. This table is to encourage the Terns away from the sailing area as they get very cross if people get too close when they have young.

David Edwards 

Vice Commodore Estate