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CMYC... The Friendliest Dinghy Sailing Club in Sussex?

We like to think so

The Mariners have a well deserved reputation for being a very friendly club with a relaxed atmosphere, so if you're interested in sailing, do feel free to come and visit us for a chat. Organised events take place on most weekends from March to December, or take advantage of a free trial sail on one of our Open days. Sailing dinghies come in all shapes and sizes (over 100 different Classes at last count). No matter what your weight, shape, age or level of fitness, there will be a class of boat to suit your needs. For members that do not own a boat the Club has a number of boats that can be used without charge at the monthly Saturday Club

Commodore's Blog - February 2017

Hello Everyone,

What a super evening we had at our Annual Awards Dinner and Dance at the beginning of the month.  The venue was super, the food was delicious, and the music varied and loud!  I’ve lost count of all the people who have told me how much they enjoyed it all.  Very well done to the organisers and very many thanks to all who contributed to the evening.  An extra special mention to Mike and Diana Thompson, Karen and Mike Tyrrell, Maxine and Matthew Townsend and Caroline Whittle and Matt Kirk all of whom worked really hard both before and after the evening to create such a great time for all of us who enjoyed such a terrific evening.  Thank you so much.  This event happens every year – the clue is in the name, and if you missed it this year, then do make an effort to come along in 2018 as it is a really great evening and a wonderful opportunity to see all your sailing friends dressed up in their glad rags – not a smelly wet boot to be seen.

Another excellent event that has just taken place was the first Work Party of 2017 – if you missed it, don’t worry, there will be another one in the Autumn!  We had about 55 men, women and children turn up for this on one of the nastiest days of the winter.  It was cold, muddy and snowy but this didn’t slow anyone down, in fact, if anything, the need to keep warm made everyone work that bit harder!  We filled a skip with lots of the junk lying about around the boat houses, we collected dead wood and branches from along the roadway and had an enormous bonfire, we moved bags and bags of leaves into the leaf bins and some of us took home some of the leaf mould for our gardens, and we saved some for future ground works at the club, we dug out ditches and between us we ate 60 bacon butties, drank gallons of tea and coffee and ate lots of biscuits and cakes.  (A special mention for the person who brought the chocolate brownies, they were scrummy – thank you!) A huge thank you to everyone who turned up and worked so hard and so cheerfully. 

Our next social event, and this one won’t involve hard work, is the February Dry Meeting.  This month we have a guest speaker – Jeremy Clarke.  Jeremy is a member of the Felbridge Local History Association, and he is going to give us an illustrated talk about the history of Hedgecourt and the surrounding area.  This will, I’m sure be a really interesting evening, so do try to come along.  I think I am right in saying that we are unique as a sailing club in having a social meeting nine months of the year away from our sailing venue.

Donal and the Sailing Sub Committee have been working hard putting together our sailing programme for this year, and going out via WebCollect with the February newsletter is an Excel spreadsheet which shows all the sailing events coming up between March and December.   The full handbook will of course be sent out a little later.

The RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show is coming up on 4 and 5 March at Alexandra Palace.  This is always a wonderful show for all things dinghy with lots of events going on to interest all members of the family.  Dozens of different dinghies are displayed and there are trade stands where all the kit one could possibly want is on sale.  This year, the show has an extra special connection for the Mariners as our very own Paralympic Sailing Gold and Bronze Medalist, Helena Lucas, is one of the presenters.  We are extremely proud of Helena who began her sailing career with Crawley Mariners at Hedgecourt, sailing a Topper, and she is still one of our Honorary Members.  

Not long now until our sailing season gets underway.  The first  event is the Warm Up series on Saturday 11 March.  This series is three races with the first start at 11.00.  There is also a WWYSA Team Racing event at Bough Beech SC on the same day.   Donal has written an article about this in the February Newsletter.

Then on 12 March we have our annual Mariners’ Walk.  This year the walk is being led by Peter Featherstone, and will be starting from Hedgecourt.  See the February Newsletter for more details.

Don’t miss Jon Emmett’s article, which is in the February Newsletter and also on the website.  Jon is a highly successful Olympic Sailing coach, and he has written some really great advice for all of us, especially our younger members.

Lots of exciting events lining up for the Spring and Summer, so check your wet suits and dry suits, and get ready for a wonderful year of racing, cruising and pottering.  See you very soon on the water, at the dry meeting, at the Dinghy Show or on the walk.



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