Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming at Hedgecourt Lake

Hedgecourt Lake is available for open water swimming from the Crawley Mariners Yacht Club clubhouse (north-west) end during the following times:

Mondays before 9.30am
Wednesdays before 9.30am
Thursdays after 5.30pm
Fridays before 9.30am

At these times, no water craft are allowed on the lake, there are no shore spotters or safety kayaks.

Members of Crawley Mariners can swim at these times as part of their sailing membership or if you are only interested in swimming, sign up as an Open Water Swimming member (join here) of the club.

Open water swimmers should always assess the water, wind and other weather conditions before and during their swim and be aware of the wildfowl that have made the lake their home. Hedgecourt is a shallow, sheltered lake and we check the water quality at regular intervals using an industry-standard testing lab, posting the results on the noticeboard outside the clubhouse.

Swimmers must be 18 years and over and must be accompanied in the water by another competent swimmer. If you don’t already have a swim buddy, join our match-up group on Facebook or contact our open water swimming co-ordinator.

A wetsuit is not essential swim attire at Hedgecourt, if you are more comfortable in a costume, but all swimmers mustwear appropriate footwear and a high visibility hat. To reduce the risk of bio-contamination use the drench shower located close to the right hand jetty before and after swimming. Access to the water is via a ladder at the end of the right hand jetty. Swim in a clockwise direction around the yellow buoys and do not enter the areas marked by white buoys which are designated for bank fishing and to protect nesting birds.

For more information email the open water swimming co-ordinator.

CMYC Open Water Swimming Risk Assessment

CMYC Open Water Swimming Safety Briefing for swimmers

Declaration by OWS Jan 2021