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CMYC... The Friendliest Dinghy Sailing Club in Sussex?

We like to think so

The Mariners have a well deserved reputation for being a very friendly club with a relaxed atmosphere, so if you're interested in sailing, do feel free to come and visit us for a chat. Organised events take place on most weekends from March to December, or take advantage of a free trial sail on one of our Open days. Sailing dinghies come in all shapes and sizes (over 100 different Classes at last count). No matter what your weight, shape, age or level of fitness, there will be a class of boat to suit your needs. For members that do not own a boat the Club has a number of boats that can be used.

 Commodore's Blog - June 2018

Hello Everyone

Looking back over some of my past Blogs I see that I have often started with comments on the weather - who says it’s an English obsession?  This month is no exception – hasn’t the weather been lovely for the past few weeks?  There have been some ideal days for sailing, warm and sunny with lovely breezes – one couldn’t ask for more.  Shorts and tee shirts weather – marvelous!  I do hope you have had an opportunity to get out in your boat, or maybe borrow a club one, or will do very soon, and will make the most of this lovely summer weather. 

The Mariners’ Greek Cruise in the South Ionian has taken place, and this year was the fifth time we have sailed in this area.  Many said that it was the best yet.  We had beautiful weather, good winds and not too chilly seas in which to swim.  (It only felt cold for the first 10 seconds, after which it was lovely!)  Many of those who came want to repeat the experience again next year, but we may try a different sailing area.  Altogether 33 Mariners came along and we had 9 yachts between us.  If you would like to join us next Spring, keep an eye on the newsletter in the early Autumn and keep alert for the WebCollect letter Adrian will send with news about the proposed dates for this now well established annual Crawley Mariner holiday.

Just before we went off to Greece, our annual Open Day took place, and this year was attended by 39 family groups, totaling 101 individuals, 39 of whom had never sailed before.  There were also 50 Mariner volunteers at Hedgecourt ensuring that all our visitors had a good time.  To date 7 new memberships have been created, which is really good news for us.  Thank you to everyone who helped to plan the event and came along on the day. An especial thank you to Paul Hetherington who organised us all and made sure our Open Day was a success.  Well done Paul.

A big welcome to our new members.  Make good use of the buddy whose contact details you have been given.  We are here to ensure that you get the most from all that the club has to offer.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy your membership of Crawley Mariners and that you have many happy years sailing with the CMYC family.

You will remember me nagging you I’m sure to complete one of the Quest participation forms in the blue folder in the clubhouse when you sailed for the first time after 1 June last year.  Keeping a record of the numbers of people who sailed at Hedgecourt for 12 months from 1 June 2017 was a condition of our being given a grant of £10,000 towards the purchase of our two Quest Dinghies.  Well, final figures are now available, and 293 people completed a form since we stated counting.  Of course, many of you have sailed many more times than the once that we counted, but it was just the first sail we had to record.  Thank you for your cooperation over the past 12 months.

By the time you read this our first camping and cruising weekend at Cobnor will have taken place, but there is another one to come on 20, 21 and 22 July.  These are lovely social weekends with many Mariners choosing to camp in Mrs. Beal’s fields on the Saturday and Sunday nights.  Often there is a group meal on Saturday night, perhaps in a local pub or a vast take-away from a local curry house that everyone shares.  Other Mariners come just on the Saturday and cruise with the campers and then there is more sailing, for those who wish, on the Sunday before everyone packs up and returns home on Sunday night.  There are local B&Bs for those who don’t have camping equipment – look them up on your search engine.  For more information watch out for WebCollect emails from Beth Clark, our Cruising Coordinator. 

Some gremlins seem to have got at our Sailing Handbook this year, and there are a number of errors and omissions in the racing programme.  We did lots of proof reading, but errors seem to have crept in at the printing stage.  The summary of the programme, on the inside cover at the front of the handbook is all correct, and I have been ensuring that my monthly At a Glance Page is correct, so please rely on these for details of upcoming events.

Do look out for the new cygnets on Hedgecourt.  Our resident pair have seven this year, and to date they are doing well.

Finally, I could not possibly ignore one of our most loved and eagerly anticipated events in the Mariner calendar – it’s not long now, Junior Helm Week starts on 30 July this year!  If you, or children in your family are involved, do have fun – that’s what the week is all about.  I can’t wait!

Summer is here – make the most of it and enjoy your sailing!













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