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CMYC... The Friendliest Dinghy Sailing Club in Sussex?

We like to think so

The Mariners have a well deserved reputation for being a very friendly club with a relaxed atmosphere, so if you're interested in sailing, do feel free to come and visit us for a chat. Organised events take place on most weekends from March to December, or take advantage of a free trial sail on one of our Open days. Sailing dinghies come in all shapes and sizes (over 100 different Classes at last count). No matter what your weight, shape, age or level of fitness, there will be a class of boat to suit your needs. For members that do not own a boat the Club has a number of boats that can be used.

 Commodore's Blog - October 2018

Hello Everyone

It seems that the spectacular Summer of 2018 is morphing into Autumn and wonderful days of crisp misty mornings, beautiful colours, crunchy leaves underfoot and shorter days, are upon us.   Don’t be sad though - we Mariners still have the Autumn Leaf series and the Autumn Saturdays series to look forward to, and there are two more Saturday Club meetings yet to come.  Then it will be Christmas, closely followed by our annual Pursuit Race early in the New Year, and before we know it, our Warm Up Races in March, then Hey Ho the Spring and Summer of 2019 and all the delights of an English Summer once more.

 Did you pop into Hedgecourt when the Rock the Boat children were there recently? We had up to 60 children each day, aged 11 or so at Hedgecourt from Monday to Thursday, 215 in total, and my goodness they had a fabulous time.  Adrian and I called to see them a couple of times and were really impressed with the organisation by Dan Daley, who is the MD of Rock the Boat Activities, and all his staff.  They left our clubhouse spotless each day and took all their rubbish away with them after doing a clean sweep of the woods, foreshore and rigging area.  I really hope that this is the start of a long relationship between the Mariners and Rock the Boat Activities.  Apart from anything else, 215 children and about 20 adults have taken away happy memories of Hedgecourt, and lots of our advertising club fliers, so we may well get some new members too.

 We had our first Dry Meeting of the Autumn on the last Wednesday of September, and Adrian used the meeting to talk about the Mariner’s past Greek Island holidays and our options for 2019.  Adrian had researched companies offering flotilla holidays in the Ionian Sea at the recent Southampton Boat Show and he explained that in order for us to make the holiday available to all our members we needed to chose a company that did not require RYA Day Skipper or ICC qualifications.  Many of our members, some of whom have been sailing yachts for many years, do not have formal qualifications, and would therefore be excluded from joining in.  Sailing Holidays, with whom we have sailed for the past 5 years, are still not insisting on qualifications, so after discussion it was agreed to go with them again. They always look after us extremely well.  After further deliberations, we also decided to try a flotilla holiday in early October, instead of late Spring as previously.  We chose a flotilla holiday that sails from Euphemia on Kefalonia around the islands of the South Ionian, starting on 5 October 2019.  As I write this there are just still 3 boats available, so if you wish to come along, don’t delay, get in touch with Sailing Holidays on 020 8459 8787 and secure your yacht.

Our next Dry Meeting, to be held on 31 October will be about Extraordinary Dinghy Sailors.  Intrigued? Come along to the meeting, and find out what it’s all about.  20.00 in the Oak Room at The Haven Centre, Hophurst Lane, Crawley Down.

Wildlife at Hedgecourt – not just Junior Helm, Rock the Boat and Saturday Club children, but wildlife with wings, or four legs!   We all know what a magical place Hedgecourt can be, and we share it with some really wonderful creatures, some of whom we very rarely see.  Recent observations include a deer swimming across the lake, our resident swans teaching their 6 cygnets to fly, very many dragon flies zooming acrobatically over the water, a swimming grass snake taking a great interest in a canoe, more than 300 geese milling about the lake and surroundings fields.  (Fortunately the latter are still keeping off our jetties thanks to the goose deterrent that is working well provided it is replaced correctly following races etc.) We have also had mice in the right hand container, not to mention all the dozens of mice that like to climb into our dinghies during the winter, and signs of what we thought were mice in the clubhouse loft.  Those mice have turned out to be the flying variety, bats.  Not sure what kind of bats, but we have to have a bat survey done before we can even think of developing our loft area, so I guess we will find out all in good time.  They have been roosting in the uppermost part of the loft, where we have our hot water tanks, and there is a large collection of moth wings and bat droppings in evidence up there.  

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, I was walking my very elderly Labrador, Poppy, she’s 14 but thinks she’s a puppy, ‘cos she can’t count, along the footpath at the side of the lake, when she noticed some of the Rock the Boat children in canoes close to the bank, obviously having a great time.  She’s a typical Labrador, and loves to be in the water, so, of course, she jumped in to join them.  Seeing a painter trailing, she grabbed it in her mouth and swam off towing them up the lake, much to the delight and hilarity of the children and their teacher in the canoe.  Poppy eventually let go, but was unable to climb back out of the lake onto the steep bank – this left me having to run about 600 yards back to the foreshore via the footpath where I was eventually able to retrieve Poppy and pop her back on to her lead. 

As promised last month, more details of theWork Party on 17 Novemberare elsewhere in this newsletter.  Please note the date change. Do please try to come along, if only for a couple of hours. This year, we will be there all day, because there is a lot of repair work to be done to the dam, and a lot of concrete bags to be filled and then laid.  Bacon Butties for those who come in the morning and cakes for the afternoon workers.  Come all day, and you get both!!  Looking forward to seeing you there.

With best wishes














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