Race Coaching

Start Racing Series

The start racing series is a series of nine 30 minute races, one race on each Saturday Club day. All ages are welcome, there is a separate start for Oppies. The series is aimed at those with little or no racing experience. We encourage anyone that attends Saturday Club to take part, except the more advanced sailors who have become competetive racers. There is on the water coaching by our Racing Coaches. Races start at 12:45.

RYA Start Racing Courses

see RYA Courses for Adults and RYA Junior Courses 

Race Officer Training - April 17th

There will be a one day race officer training session, with coaching from an RYA expert. Being an RO at the lake is not difficult, if you can operate a stop watch and read sail numbers you can be RO. There are always people around who will advise on setting the course. You are only responsible for starting and finishing the race, you are not there as a judge racers on the course. Please contact Jeff Smith if you would like to attend.

Junior Race Training

Under the guidance of the RYA we have structured our Junior Race Training for young sailors and we are proud to be one of the selected RYA Champion Clubs. In recent years we have also had visiting RYA coaches running extra coaching sessions for Toppers, Laser and RS Fevas sailors.

Buddy Racing - April 3rd & 17th

This year we have made provision in our programme for two one-day events with the specific intention of encouraging more people to participate in our regular programme of racing events at Hedgecourt.  The dates for this are Sunday 3 April and Sunday 17 April.

As this is a new initiative we will keep the format fairly flexible on the day, however the key objectives are:

  • To hold a number of short races over the course of the day around a limited number of marks, with people taking part in as many races as they wish
  • To provide people with an opportunity to share a boat with one of our club helms who has plenty of racing experience and who can act as a ‘buddy’ for the day

We believe that there are many of you in the club who would be interested in taking part in races as a natural progression beyond your Level 2 or similar skills but who feel unsure about taking that step, perhaps out of a concern about ‘being in the way’ or ‘not knowing all the rules’.  These days are all about providing encouragement and basic guidance to help you develop confidence to take steps in this direction – they are not setting out to be full-on race training sessions and we are keen to keep the tone reasonably informal.

Please note that although there is a focus on the ‘buddy’ angle these events will be open to anyone who is interested in taking part in some short races to put in some practice or otherwise develop their skills.  So for example if you sail a single hander and want to take part that will be fine.

Similarly we think that there are many members who are very capable of helping us with our programme by acting as race officers but who are currently reluctant to put themselves forward to do so – especially those of you who already have racing experience so understand the basics.  There is no great mystique about being a race officer beyond a few basic principles and organisation skills.  If you are keen to learn more about these so that you can act in that capacity in the future we are very keen to hear from you.

If you are interested in taking part in buddy racing days we will need to know:

  • on which day or days you would like to attend and whether morning/afternoon/both
  • whether you are looking for a ‘buddy’ with whom to sail
  • whether you have the use of your own boat (please state boat type)
  • whether you would wish to use a club boat (subject to availability)

If you are interested in taking part please contact Jeff Smith with these details no later than Saturday 26 March, so that we can do our best to match your needs with available boats and potential ‘buddies’.