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Apr 29, 2019 |
General, Juniors,  |

With a weather forecast of 20+mph gusting 40+mph and the potential of no sailing many decided to not come, thank you to all those who responded to my email, it made it easier to manage the day. As you can see from the photo Nick managed to entertain the Oppie sailors who turned up, they did also venture on to the water for some paddling, towing and bin bag sailing.

Apr 9, 2019 |
General, Social,  |

It was, as advertised, a lovely spring stroll – the weather was a bonus, with warm sunshine and little wind. There were six Mariners plus five more made up of friends and relations – a convivial small group with compatible walking pace which is always helpful for the leader. 

Dec 29, 2017 |
General, Training,  |

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