Day Cruises from Itchenor (Grid Ref SU 800015) Post code: PO20 7AW

Arrangements for these cruises are normally published each month in the Newsletter and the monthly calendar; a reminder is also sent out just before each cruise.  Members should assemble on the Hard at Itchenor by 9.00am for a briefing at 10am and be ready to sail soon after that. Each cruise will have an intended destination, and a cruise leader will be appointed who will organise and brief participants on the passages to be made.

For their own safety, boats taking part on these cruises will be expected to keep together and, as an additional safety measure, may be paired up. A picnic should be taken in the boat. A charge for the car park and harbour dues is made by the Chichester Harbour Authorities and can be paid as a daily rate or annual season ticket at the Harbour office.

2019 Chichester Cruising dates: 

These cruises will have powerboat support.

Saturday 27 April Chichester-Itchenor (neap tide) Try Cruising Day
Saturday 25 May Chichester-Itchenor (mid tide)
Saturday 27 July Chichester-Itchenor (neap tide) Round Hayling Island
Saturday 31 August Chichester-Itchenor  (spring tide) Fowley Islan

Our first cruise on 27th April is called Try Cruising because we want to encourage those who have not yet been to sea to come out in an experienced helm's boat to see what cruising is like.  Our first cruise this season on 5th May was everything you could hope for. The sun shone, there was enough wind to visit many of the favourite haunts and most importantly, almost every boat had someone in it who hadn’t cruised before! This is what some of our new cruisers had to say:

“The cruise was well organised, and it was very reassuring to have the safety boat there in case anyone ran into any trouble. The weather was wonderful and it was lovely to get out in the harbour and see all the other boats enjoying the water.” Kirsty

“Chichester Harbour is probably one of the most beautiful sailing areas the UK has to offer. And we were incredibly lucky with the sunny weather, which would convince anyone that cruising is great way to spend a Saturday. This cruise boasted some of the bigger turnouts and everyone I spoke to absolutely loved the day.” Daniella

If you enjoy Try Cruising, you may wish to try another cruise that has a camping option on 7/8/9 June and 9/10/11 August (see section on Camp and cruise for more information).  Non-campers wishing to launch from Itchenor can be ‘collected’ by the camping contingent. A Mirror-sized dinghy is considered to be the smallest suitable for cruising on a neap tide in the harbour and helms need to have suitable experience (Level 3 and Seamanship skills). If you are new to cruising and would like to go out in someone else's boat or have someone experienced in your boat, please let me know when you book.

For those wanting a more challenging cruise, try our spring tide cruise on 31st August to Fowley Island. Look on Youtube for a preview of this fascinating island. Also our annual Round Hayling Island will be in a clockwise direction this year on 27th July.  A Miracle-sized  dinghy is thought to be the smallest boat suitable for these cruises. 

How to book:

A reminder is sent out before each cruise. You phone or email me to book a place the Wednesday before, by 9pm. If you would like extra support; to crew for someone; someone to crew for you, let me know when you book. If you have booked on the cruise and it needs to be cancelled, you will be notified on the Friday before by 9pm.

What you need:

If you are new to Cruising please take time to read Safe Cruising with CMYC

Beth Clark

Cruising Co-ordinator
Tel: 01342 714599 / 07986 130735